Event program


FRIDAY 03.11.2023
12:00-12:15 Koper – opening event
14:00-21:30 Collection of BIB numbers in the Vojka Šmuc School in Izola,
14:00-21:30 Opening Expo, location: Vojka Šmuc Primary School in Izola

19:00-20:00 MEGA pasta party for all registered runners, location dining hall Vojke Šmuc School Izola

SATURDAY 04.11.2023

04:45-04:50 Start bus to Dekani 100 km, in front of the Hotel Belveder
04:55-05:00 Departure of the bus for the start in Dekani, location Izola center, bus stop at the post office.
06:00-06:05 Dekani, start of the longest route Obala Ultra Trail 108 km

07:15-07:20 Start bus to Hrastovlje 65 km, in front of the Hotel Belveder

07:30-07:35 Start bus to Hrastovlje 65 km, bus station Izola, center of Izola https://goo.gl/maps/AV6oFioh8vo7wuR69
09:00-09:05 Hrastovlje, start of the Obala Ultra Trail 65 km
04:45-11:00 Collection of BIB numbers, location Vojka Šmuc Primary School in Izola,
08:00-20:00 Expo fair in the Vojka Šmuc  School in Izola.
10:30-10:35 Start for Obala trail 35 km, location Izola – Lonka
09:35-09:45 Departure of buses for the start in Korte, location Izola center, bus stop at the post office.

10:45-10:55 Warm-up before the start with coach Mojca Jakomin
11:00-11:05 Start Borotalco trail 18 km, location in front of the cooperative home in Korte.
10:20-10:25 Welcome speech mayor of the Izola Mr. Milan Bogatic.
11:25-11:30 Start for Rio Mare 12 km, Lonka Izola location.
12:05-00:00 Competitors arrive at the finish line, the destination location for all races is Lonka Izola.
12:30-00:00 Hot meal for finishers of all races, Vojke Šmuc Primary School dining room, Izola
09:30-20:00 Hosted live program with the moderator of the event and the DJ-Samo, encouraging
competitors upon arrival at the finish line, awarding of medals to all finishers, location Izola-Lonka.
20:00-22:00 Announcement of winners and awarding of prizes for the best will take place in the elementary school gym Vojke Šmuc in Izola,
19:00-20:00 The routes of 12, 18, 35 km are closed.
20:00-23:59 MEGA AFTER PARTY for the end of the season, DJ Lovro concert in the primary school gym
Vojke Šmuc in Izola,

SUNDAY 05.11.2023

00:00-07:00 arrival of the last 100 km runners at the finish line.
12:00 Official closing of the Obala Ultra Trail 2023 event powered by I FEEL SLOVENIA.


*The event organizer reserves the right to make changes to the course and implementation of the event, participants will be notified in time of any possible changes by e-mail or via the organizer’s website Happy running greetings, Obala Ultra Trail Team